Rainbow Arrows

In 2015, same sex marriage was legalized throughout the United States. Before that ruling, for 2 days in Indiana same sex marriage was legal and then made illegal by the then Governor Mike Pence. Couples raced to the courthouse to get married during the window that everyone knew would soon close. During that time that it was legal, then illegal, and now legal I started making these rainbow arrows as symbols of hope. I continued making them after being inspired by the Bernie Sanders campaign for President, seeing so many youth excited about our future filled me with hope. I continue to make them as a symbol of ongoing hope that social justice issues and inclusivity will prevail in my country.

In 2016, I made a small installation of the arrows at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center. I am currently searching for a public venue to have a larger installation of around 100+ arrows. If you are interested in having your own arrow, I have many available or can make one with your color choices. They are around 7″ x 15″, made with lead came and stained glass, and cost between $125-$175 each.

Contact me via email: christy.weezer@gmail.com