I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist living in Bloomington, Indiana. At times I work primarily as a painter, extensively traveling with my watercolors and creating oil paintings in the studio. And for periods, the melodrama but yet playfulness of stained glass is my primary interest. In my glass work, I develop designs that play with how light interacts with dueling and friendly colors. I regularly collaborate with my husband Bart Smith to design/build skateparks, interactive sculptures, and smaller works like the bike themed stained glass with wire art. Through these collaborations, I started working in mosaic which seemed like a perfect way to enhance a concrete landscape.

I studied in the BFA Painting and Art Education programs at IU. After graduation, I taught ongoing painting classes and weekend workshops throughout the Bloomington community for 4 years. After moving to Santa Fe for 5 years, where I was able to paint in the great desert light, my family moved back to Indiana and formed the company Hunger Skateparks.  This has created an opportunity to artistically enrich the already sculptural nature of skateparks, and grow as a 3D artist. Additionally, I have worked with Cardinal Stage Company and at the IU Jacob’s School of Music as a scenic painter. I appreciate the large scale of the work, aged techniques, and the multi-disciplinary artistic collaborations that can occur in this historically enduring environment.

Upcoming Shows include:

Group and Touring Show- 7 ply. The Art of Skateboarding. Bartlesville, OK- May-July 2018

Solo Show- Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center- June 2018

Group Show- Bloomington Open Studio Tour– June 2018